Debbie Stanley's passion is organization. Since starting her company in 1997, she steadily established herself as a systems consultant, speaker, instructor, and author across all industries. With her expertise in atypical organizational challenges, she’s brought greater efficiency and opportunity to clients and companies in the fields of education, finance, health, law, publishing, print and broadcast journalism, and music.

Upon moving from Detroit to Austin in 2012, Debbie sharpened her focus to the music industry, digging into the systems that drive every aspect of a music career including booking and touring, marketing and promotion, recording and distribution, copyright and royalties, and the well-being and protection of artists and their creative gifts. She teaches music professionals how to be organized through individual coaching, group trainings, conference workshops, and seminars for artists, producers, promoters, engineers, managers, and educators. Debbie is also honored to be a curator of the Austin Public Library’s Electric Lady Bird streaming music catalog, a member of the South By Southwest Music Conference Advisory Board, and a Professional Member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Debbie’s latest book, The Organized Musician, is helping independent artists around the world to live their dream of a career in music. Published in 2017 and well-received as the basis of her South by Southwest presentation that year, The Organized Musician has become a workbook, touchstone, and traveling companion for musicians throughout the U.S. and beyond. Her next book, Modern Music Patronage, draws on her experiences as a fan, Black Fret member, and house concert host to teach fellow music lovers how to give substantive support to their favorite artists in the age of independent music. Modern Music Patronage will be published in 2020.

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