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Time to get your thoughts in order....


What does "organized" mean to you? Is it something you've been chasing all your life? Do you equate it with happiness, success, peace of mind? Is it a state you've had before and need to regain? How will you get there, and stay there? How will you know when you've arrived?


I help my clients to answer all of these questions.


How We Work Together

We connect by phone or video call, one hour at a time.


First we identify what "organized" means for you. Then we prioritize what changes are needed to get you there. And then we strategize how you'll make those changes, at a manageable pace: fast enough to show progress and slow enough to maintain.


As we go, I teach you concepts and systems that address your specific needs. When you encounter obstacles, we figure out how to work around them. When you get disoriented or discouraged, we adjust focus so you can regain your perspective.


Along the way, you learn to do these things for yourself. You accumulate the knowledge and confidence to make adjustments to your systems on your own. You begin to see ways to organize other areas of your life and you apply them. You get comfortable with the rhythms of an organized life ... living this way starts to feel familiar, normal, and under control. Your sessions with me become less about helping you decide what to do and more about validation of what you're doing.


At that point, you graduate from "I'm getting organized" to "I am organized."

How Long Does It Take?

As long as you want or need it to. Some clients get what they need from two or three calls ... some meet with me every other week for several months ... some have a check-in session once per quarter for years on end.


It's entirely up to you. Scheduling is pay-as-you-go, with no minimum number of sessions.

What Does It Cost?

$125 per hour. Independent music professionals are offered a discounted rate of $35 per hour. 

How Do We Begin?
  1. Email me your story. What's disorganized in your life? Why do you want to change? What's the last straw that's making you reach out for help? What questions do you have for me?

  2. I'll read your email and respond. If I believe I can help, I'll offer you some dates to schedule our first call.

  3. We'll agree on a day and time for our first session. To confirm the appointment, you'll submit advance payment through a secure link.And with that, you'll be one step closer to organized.

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